Intro to Nav

If you're new to the art of navigation, if the map and compass seem unnecessarily complicated..... Then this is the course for you. Aimed at giving you a solid foundation for finding your way from A to B, this one day course will boost your confidence as well as your skills.

Intermediate Nav

If you feel you know the basics of map & compass - but now you're ready to head off the path and into the wilder places - then this is the course for you. This course is a good introduction to navigation in the mountains.

Advanced Nav

This is course is for people who feel comfortable off the path with their map & compass but now want to master the fine details - so it covers micro-nav, night-nav & complex strategies.

Intro to Night Nav

What happens when the light starts to fade? Can you get off the hill safely? Or do you want to stay and play out?

These progressive 3-4 hour sessions are designed to give you the skill and confidence to just that.

Intermediate Night Nav

Building on the basics from the Intro sessions we'll now head out on a small journey in the hills in the dark.

We'll look at what changes, what works and what doesn't - and how to make being out at night safe & fun.

Night Nav Ninja

This is course is for people who feel comfortable out on the hill at night.

We'll look at strategies to make potentially complex navigation to micro features easier - and we'll be doing it up on the hill in the total dark.

Attendance on this course is dependent upon you meeting a safe participation standard.


Looking for something more specific?

If the courses above aren't exactly what you're looking for - or if you have a specific skill you'd like to cover - then get in touch & we can have a chat & see if we can put something bespoke together for you.

Next Steps...

If you'd like to discuss one of our courses - or have us put a training day together to meet a specific need then please get in touch.