Bespoke Days

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What would you like to do?....

Mountain Services is here to make sure you have a fabulous day.

there are loads of good reasons to let Mountain Services plan a fun & rewarding day out for you;

  • Your time is precious - we can make a plan (or two or three) whilst you get on with the things that you need to be doing - let us take care of everything.
  • This might be your first time heading into the hills - we know it can be daunting - but we'll keep you safe, make it fun and let you in on loads of top tips.
  • This might just be your first or even only visit to our wonderful area - get the most from it. Have a local guide who can tell you the history, flora, fauna, geology & all the little bits that make a visit special.
  • You might not feel ready for an actual course - but want to start gaining experience and skills - our days out are filled with top tips.

If you've a route, hill or climb you'd like to try - brilliant we can sort that for you. But if its all new to you then we can send you a plan, some photos and a pretty good idea of how much fun it'll be. remember - these days are all about you.

Let's make a plan....

So if you've read this far it probably makes sense for us to have a chat about planning a day out for you. Drop me a line and I'll be in touch as soon as I can. Thanks, Kelvyn