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Mountain Musings

Working on a Mountain Leader course yesterday I mentioned my blog in passing. “oh everyone seems to blog now, why?” asked one of the trainees.

It’s a good question, and like all the best questions it made me think about the reply. I’m still thinking about the reply.

Obviously there’s the passed on wisdom that a blog will make your website more interesting – but as I’ve no plans to storm up the google listings and nor do I want to run a massive business – so I can mostly discount those reasons. But I do want my website to be interesting. I changed my life a lot to become an outdoor professional – and I’m so lucky to see some amazing sights, to meet great people and really enjoy what I do – a blog seems to be as good a way as any to celebrate and record that. But it does also let me move my instructing into a different phase – when clients ask me to email them notes or can I send them a link – it lets me record those top tips that its such a pleasure to pass on.

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